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Photo: Jakob Owens (Unsplash)

Making sense of ecosystems

Thinkers 50, Business Ecosystems Alliance Launch (2021)

I present my thoughts on why management model design is critical for organisations in general, but particularly also in the context of ecosystems (starting around 14:30). The presentation is based on my article "What if management models ate ecosystem strategies for breakfast". 

Moderated by Thinkers50 co-founder Stuart Crainer, my fellow presenter Janka Krings-Klebe and I also answer audience questions in the second part of the recording. 


Management as competitive advantage

Nordic Business Forum, Speaker Contest Finals (2018)

Here, I share my perspective of why management fails to do its job in so many organisations - and how to change that.


I argue that we need to be much more explicit and intentional in the design of our management models and introduce a tool to help with that. Finally, I illustrate the power of well-designed management models with case studies of Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Greyston Bakery and Apple. 

If we do this well, management can be a true source of competitive advantage.


Organizational agility

Thinkers50, Awards Gala (2019)

These are excerpts from an interview for a research project on organizational agility conducted by the European Center for Strategic Innovation (ECSI) together with Thinkers50.

My main points are a concern for "agile" to become just another management fad and that true agility does not come from mindlessly following a specific method (as most consultants would have you believe), but from the intentional design of work with a relentless focus on customer needs and small, autonomous teams able to learn and adapt.


The future of management

World Agility Forum (2020)

This is one of my favorite panels. I got to discuss the future of management with such luminaries as Steve Denning (Forbes), Doug Kirkpatrick (Morningstar) and Curt Carlson (SRI International).

Under the masterful moderation of Michael Clarkin (Scaled Agile) the discussion was structured along three simple questions: 1) What is the role of leaders/execs in the 21st century? 2) Why should I want to manage differently? and 3) Examples: how does success look like?


How to successfully lead a remote team
Nordic Business Forum Webinar (2020) [Paywall]

My interview with Jason Fried, CEO of Basecamp. It was in summer 2020, a few months into Covid-19 lockdowns, with "experts" on remote work appearing in masses out of nowhere. Jason, however, is the true expert. His company, Basecamp, has been working remotely for over 20 years. Unsurprisingly, Jason had a wealth of insights to share. 

This is only a short 40s teaser, you can view the full 55min video in the Nordic Business Forum Video Library. For a very reasonable price you also get access to 50+ keynotes from of the world's best speakers. Check it out!


Designing a winning ecosystem

Thinkers 50 / Business Ecosystems Alliance Launch (2021)

I had the privilege to be the moderator of this very insightful session with Michael Jacobides (London Business School) and Alessandro di Fiore (CEO of ECSI).

Michael, who's certainly one of the most recognised authorities on the subject of ecosystems, lays an excellent academic foundation (and busts many myths at the same time). Alessandro builds on that and illustrates how it's practically done. 


Not enough good leaders

Global Peter Drucker Forum (2020) [Paywall]

It was both a pleasure and a privilege to moderate this panel with distinguished experts on leadership. We discussed why there always seems to be a shortage of good leaders - and how we can develop more of them.

This is only a short 2min teaser with my opening remarks, you can view the full 90min session in the Drucker Forum Video Library. It is very modestly priced and includes membership in the wider Drucker Forum community, something I can only encourage you to consider.