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I imagine a world in which most people truly enjoy their work. Where organisations let people thrive, delight their customers and make meaningful contributions to society. Where business is a force for good, creating good jobs, growth and prosperity for us all.

I am dedicated to help create this world. And I believe that management, as our most important social function, holds the key: management that's fit for human beings and management that's fit for the 21st century.

Since my very first job as a software engineer, I've been driven to understand how organisations function and how to make work better. A life long student of management theory and practice, I look back on more than two decades of experience, both as a practicing manager with C-level responsibility as well as an advisor to CEOs and management teams on a global basis.

Today I work with senior leadership teams and help them design stronger organisations based on better management models. I also work with business schools and corporate universities to help design and deliver better management education.


"It is management's job to make work productive

and the worker achieving."

Peter Drucker


For all of us it's important to remain connected to fresh thinking and have a reliable network of people who can help you but also challenge you. Even more so, when you're an independent such as myself. 

Over the years, I've developed a network of trusted peers with skills and experiences complementary to my own. They're always available to offer advice or even to team up for a client engagement. 

In addition, I remain closely connected to the world's best management thinking. My work for the Global Peter Drucker Forum (I'm an associate of the Peter Drucker Society Europe) allows me to not only stay on top of the latest thinking, but also to connect with many of the world's leading thinkers on a personal level.  I also maintain close ties to Thinkers50 and the Nordic Business Forum.

Photo: Global Peter Drucker Forum


Over the past 10+ years as an independent advisor, I've had the privilege to serve more than 50 clients in over 140 engagements on four continents. Fortune 500 companies are among them, just as well as small and medium sized enterprises, family-owned businesses and startups. Below is a selection of organisations I've worked with.


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