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Great strategic choices


Clarity enables agility, resilience, and human initiative.
The alternative is the mess that prevails in so many organisations.

Does your strategy create clarity? 


Strategic thinking

Does the strategy reflect real choices that clarify what to do - and what not to do? Does it shape the future and describe an explicit theory of advantage? Does it rely on capabilities competitors can't easily match?


Operational credibility


Can team members explain the strategy? Do they understand how their work contributes? Does the strategy guide everyday decision-making? Does it build on capabilities the organisation actually possesses? Does it produce results?


Strategy process

Is the review and development process lean and pragmatic? Is there room for creativity? Can the organisation contribute its best thinking? Does the decision-making process create commitment?

Read more about my thinking on strategy.
Quality of strategic thinking and operational credibility
are reflected in the answers to five key questions

Source: Adapted from "Playing to Win", Roger L. Martin et al.

Effective process creates possibilities, defines conditions, frames next-level choices and maps initiatives

Source: Adapted from "Playing to Win", Roger L. Martin et al.

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