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Unleashing the power of people and organisations

Photo: Nordic Business Forum

Truly exceptional organisations put in place three building blocks of superior performance 

Good strategy creates clarity.

What will we achieve for our customers? How is that superior to the competition? How will we do it? What does everyone need to contribute?

A well-designed management model explains how and why your organisation works.


Does our management model fit our business model? Can it bring out the best in people? What management theories are we relying on? Why these and not others?

Competent management is the life-giving element in any organization.

Are our leaders competent managers? Do they exhibit character? Do they operate in a network of cohesive teams?

Simple, yet not easy.

In more than 20 years as an avid student and practitioner of management, both as a C-level executive and as an advisor, I have repeatedly seen that these three building blocks account for everything.  

They are simple to explain. But not easy to put in place. They require hard work. Yet it can be done.
And it's the only way.


Remove just one of them, and performance suffers. That's why most organizations are mediocre at best, leaving both customers and team members unhappy. 

If you're missing just one of them, the following may sound familiar. It does in most organisations.
Do you feel...
  • if you’re constantly putting out fires?

  • have no time to think and work strategically?

  • ...frustrated with the flood of conflicting and often simplistic advice from consultants, coaches and b-schools?

Have you experienced...
  • ...strategies that look great on paper but fail to get traction in operational reality?

  •, AI, and agile initiatives that cost a lot of time and money but fail to deliver business results?

  • ...innovation programs that produce ideas but no innovation?

Does your organisation...
  • ...suffer from low engagement?

  • ...struggle with change?

  • ...operate in silos and at the expense of collaboration?

  • to put the customer first?

  • ...grow too slowly or not at all?

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