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Photo: Sincerely Media (Unsplash)


Guide to mapping your management model using the Management Model Canvas

Management model design helps you become intentional with designing the work of management. So that you avoid common flaws found in implicit management models and ground your management practices in sound theory.

seven root causes

Crucial mistakes organisations make and how they kill performance

The seven root causes sheds light on common mistakes organisations make - and how they kill performance. This thinking aid helps create awareness and offers practical advice for eliminating them. 


Understanding, harnessing and developing organisational ecosystems


Insights from the world's leading thinkers and practitioners with contributions from Rita McGrath, Julian Birkinshaw, Mark Greeven and a host of others from the Thinkers50 community.

Includes my own essay on the role management models in the context of successful ecosystem strategies.

Curated by Stuart Crainer, Thinkers50 co-founder. In partnership with ECSI Consulting and HMI (Haier Model Research Institute)

Available in paperback & ebook from Thinkers50.

(I have permission to share the ebook with my network. If that's you, let me know if you'd like one)

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