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management education

I believe we need to re-think management education. In both business schools and corporate universities. Today, we mostly teach the wrong content, with the wrong methods. 


It's the wrong content, because it so often focuses on functional and analytical business knowledge, particularly in business schools. But strategy, finance and marketing are not management. Neither is analysis. The core task of management, designing and running organisations that are fit for human beings and fit for the 21st century, is hardly addressed.

It is the wrong methods, because most of it is theoretical and focused on disseminating knowledge - separate from the actual work managers have to do. It tends to be taught in specialist silos, ignoring the messy complexity and inter-connectedness of managerial practice.

Me and my colleagues have lots of ideas and practical experience for how to change that. We'll share more here soon. 


In the meantime, we'd love to hear from deans, chief learning officers and others concerned with educating the next generation of thoughtful and competent managers. Let's explore how to take management education to the next level.

Photo: Global Peter Drucker Forum