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Organisations and their people succeed when there's clarity and harmony.


That's clarity in results, the twin theories of business and organisation, and your theory of management. 

Yet clarity alone is not enough. The four domains also need to be harmoniously connected. So they can reinforce each other and learn from each other.  

Clarity and harmony.


Simple, Yet hard work. Management work. 

The results you want to achieve. First are customer outcomes, followed by organisational and societal outcomes.

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How you create value for your customers. A consistent story from purpose, through strategy and business model all the way to your value proposition.

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How your organisation actually works. How it executes your current business model and innovates for the future. How it builds capabilities, lets people thrive and adapts if required.

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What the work of management is and how it gets done. How management creates and runs a system in which collective performance becomes possible.

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We'll think through each of the four domains to create clarity. Think of it as a series of conversations during which we'll challenge assumptions and make visible what previously may have been invisible.


We'll co-create harmonious designs in all four domains. We remove what gets in the way of great work and add what was missing to unleash the full potential of your organisation.


We'll run small experiments to learn what works and what gets results. We'll gain more clarity and refine our designs. We'll create an organisation which learns from its actual results and continues to improve. 



Curious CEOs and leadership teams who...

  • ...want to learn and challenge their own thinking

  • ...want to go deep and understand root causes

  • ...are interested in applying the best management theory in the world

  • ...are willing to try new ways of working

  • ...want to create value and their businesses to make positive contributions to people and society 

Anyone who...

  • looking for quick fixes and "best" practices

  • ...thinks a business is a series of cash flows best managed from a spreadsheet

  • ...wants to go agile, digital, ecosystem (or anything else that's "hot") without fundamentally re-thinking their business and organisation

  • unwilling to let go of command-and-control thinking 

  • ...wants to extract value for themselves and their organisations